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"Don't just survive, thrive!"

Dr. Stacey

Dr. Stacey has had the distinct pleasure to speak to countless people and groups around the country with the aim of strengthening underprivileged groups. She is committed to supporting the development of students, staff, and communities to get past barriers that hinder them from reaching their full potential. If you would like to book Dr. Stacey to come to your next event, contact her here!

Dr. Stacey served as the resident psychological expert for the nationally syndicated news program The Daily Buzz and has contributed to articles in Psychology Today, The Daily Item, the Michigan Daily, The Quill, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Knightly News. 

Currently, Dr. Stacey is the Dean of Health and Wellness at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania and has previously served in Counseling & Psychological Services at the University of Michigan and the University of Central Florida. 

Dr. Stacey has been actively involved in faith communities since a young girl and has served in almost every role - usher, choir, teacher, prayer counselor, and women’s ministry.  She directed or the Turning Point Counseling Center in Michigan and is currently the lead for the h2Cares Counseling Ministry, overseeing recovery and grief groups, in Sunbury, PA. 

Dr. Stacey is a 30-year member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.   


A nationally sought-after speaker, trainer and consultant, Dr. Stacey is often brought into institutions to promote healing after a significant rupture or bias incident.  She holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University and a Masters in Counselor Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is a proud alum of her beloved undergraduate institution, Norfolk State University.

In her professional, faith and sororal communities, Dr. Stacey coaches and mentors women, college students, and teens, and younger professionals to be their best to thrive and succeed against the odds. 

Public Speaker & Mentor

Dr. Stacey Pearson-Wharton has spent the last 25 years dedicated to helping others live in health, hope, and healing.  Dr. Stacey served the Governing Board of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) as the Director of Equity and Inclusion. In this role she used her expertise and experience to navigate complicated social justice issues. She has significant experience teaching, publishing, and presenting on issues related to people of color in White spaces, social justice, interpersonal relationships, college student development, and mental health.  Dr. Stacey’s passion is disrupting race-based stress and creating inclusive spaces. Since her early high school days, Dr. Stacey has been “the Dot” in White space and she uses her depth of experience and breadth of knowledge to help People of Color thrive.

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